PAR level CloudPAR level refers to the exact amount of product you should have in stock to meet demands. PAR stands for “periodic automatic replenishment.” PAR levels are boundary markers in inventory levels that signal replenishment is necessary. If your PAR levels are set too low, you risk of running out of stock. If your PAR levels are set too high, you may have more money invested in stock than is necessary.


Our SaaS cloud studio provides companies with opportunity to access procurement innovations that offer the true completion to your supply chain life-cycle. It specializes in handling data management and product workflow across the cloud for vendors and customers – both supply and demand side. Managing data concerning warehouse assets, attic stocks, and re-stocking decisions, our solution add controls to your organization by empowering individuals to create virtual requisitions, obtain digital approvals and auto-create orders on their own behalf, without bogging down the procurement department with every transaction.


The technology of PAR level allows buyers, purchasing groups, and their suppliers to collaborate effectively in the creation of rich, accurate, and up-to-date product content. The solution facilitates a win-win scenario for suppliers and buyers by enabling buyers to continue to provide product content in the format available within their systems, and easily map to the buyer formats. Our solutions drive significant business processes and operational cost savings by streamlining the creation, collection, and use of product information across the enterprise and beyond. They enable enterprises to synchronize product information, business processes, and all relevant internal and external users into one centralized platform. A single-source of product information enables enterprises to automate collaboration with trading partners, whether the needs are in supplier facing activities such as sourcing & procurement, or customer facing interactions across multiple channels and markets. Companies that empower non-procurement employees to manage the supply-chain life-cycle without PAR level are at risk of losing up to 50% or more of negotiated cost savings, not to mention expedited shipping.