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PAR level innovations drive significant business process and operational cost savings by streamlining the creation, collection and use of product information across the enterprise and beyond. They enable enterprises to synchronize product information, business processes and all relevant internal and external users into one centralized platform. A single-source of product information enables enterprises to automate collaboration with trading partners, whether the needs are in supplier facing activities such as sourcing and procurement or customer facing interactions across multiple channels and markets.


PAR level is the first hospitality cloud ERP built specifically for the back office, a vital area that is overlooked by innovations. Periodic Automatic Replenishment – the minimum quantity of an item stocked, which will be automatically reordered, should the level fall below a preset level, is the pillar why PAR level was founded. The preparatory framework of PAR level is the innovative brain-child from PAR level’s hospitality technology founders. Deposited into an incubator, PAR level’s proof of concept was put to a test in real time at a five-star hotel, and is currently still in operation today. PAR level is powering up to scale hospitality enterprise with best-of-breed seamless Cloud ERP.

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